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Swimming Pool Crack Repair Specialists

As pool professionals, finding and fixing leaks in existing swimming pools has become an area of great interest and passion for us. When faced with a leaking Gunite or Marbelite pool crack, we can offer several options for repair: simple topical repairs that can be made while the pool is filled, more permanent crack injections, or extensive concrete removal and structural reengineering. The choice of which of these crack repair options to pursue should be based upon: the severity of the crack, the permanence of the repair desired, and your budget.



Does your swimming pool have cracks? Are you Constantly adding water to your pool?



Swimming Pool Crack’s can be caused by a number of situations; some are the result of poor workmanship or materials used at the time of construction. These types of Swimming Pool Crack’s usually show up soon after construction and are generally the cause of the pool builder not knowing what he is doing. Not all Swimming Pool Crack’s mean that the pool is leaking. Swimming Pool Crack’s that develop on older pools and result in water loss however are a different story.


A first step in any Swimming Pool Crack Repair job is to diligently attempt to understand the conditions that lead to the problem in the first place. If the crack is a result of some “once off” event such as an extremely cold winter, or the fact that the pool was left un-filled for some length of time one would not expect continued movement.


However, if the Swimming Pool Crack is the result of re-occurring ground movement such as the case in soils that expand when moist and shrink when dry, continued movement should be anticipated and a repair must take this into consideration. The most serious problems result from ground conditions that are being continuously undermined and are expected to continue degrading.


Some cracks may just be superficial in the finish of the pool and don’t leak however, many will go all the way through the concrete pool shell which can allow water to leak out and compact or wash away the soil supporting the shell. If you are losing water and suspect a structural Swimming Pool Crack is your problem it needs to be stabilized as soon as possible to prevent further damage. The longer you wait to deal with a structural crack the more difficult and costly it will be to repair.


If you don’t know what type of Swimming Pool Crack You have or if You have any questions, we’re here to help. As experts in the field, we’re knowledgeable about almost everything concerning pools.



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