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Splash Pools - Quick, Affordable, Easy Maintenance

Small Splash Pools are the best option for a home that has space restrictions or other obstacles that would make a regular swimming pool unfeasible, for owners with small children who have some safety concerns about a deeper pool, or for owners that like the idea of a pool in their backyard but don’t like the maintenance and cleaning comes with it.


With an average depth of about 1.2m , Splash Pools are smaller than normal pools and too shallow to swim in, but can be used for wading or laying out in the water on a hot day. Homeowners looking to swim laps or install a diving board will need to go deeper, but for those looking for cold dips, relaxation, and an aesthetic piece for their backyard, Splash pools are an intriguingly cost-effective option.

Swimming Pool during Construction
Splash pool with water feature
Splash Pool Completed
Splash Pool being built
Splash Pool during Construction
Building a new pool