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Full Pool Inspections

A swimming pool adds on a significant amount of value to your property as long as it is in good condition… When its in a bad condition all of a sudden your Dream becomes a Very Expensive Nightmare!


Pool Inspections are one of the most overlooked services when purchasing a new home You’ll want to buy your next home with your eyes wide open. But unless you’re a pool expert yourself, you’ll be wise to hire a professional pool service company


When you buy a home with a swimming pool, you’re basically buying it “as is.”  So, if you’re thinking about buying a house with a pool, there are some important things you need to know about the condition of the pool before you make your home purchase.


Many home buyers assume a home inspection covers the pool, but this is rare. And if a home inspection includes a pool inspection, many home inspectors do not have the required expertise to evaluate a pool. In fact, most home inspection reports include a disclaimer regarding the pool.

Real Estate Agent Services

Are you a Real Estate Agent Selling a home with a Damaged Pool?

The Poolice | Pool Repair Company offers an Exclusive Swimming Pool Inspection & Repair Service to Real Estate Agents.

With our pool inspection, you know the health of your pool system and can stay ahead of repairs. Arm potential buyers with assurance that their equipment has been maintained properly and is in good working order. A poorly maintained pool will mean costly repairs in the future. Choose an option below and call our expert team today for an Inspection.

The Poolice | Pool Repair Company is proud to offer Pool Inspections to residents and realtors of the Johannesburg area.