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Pool Repairs


With The Poolice | Pool Repair Company You are covered with our specialized knowledge of swimming pool repairs which means you get exactly what you’re looking for. We specialize in both Fibreglass linings & re-marbliting of existing swimming pools

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Pool Equipment


The Poolice | Pool Repair Company repairs & installs ALL brands, makes and models of Pool Equipment to suit your needs and budget. Unlike other pool companies ``We are NOT Salesmen`` so we are not going to try convince you to buy the most expensive equipment, when its not necessary.

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Pool Construction


We have perfected our own unique method of swimming pool construction. This has made us one of South Africa's most distinguished swimming pool companies.

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Need the Best Pool Repair Company in Johannesburg?

If You’re looking for a professional Pool Repair Company in Johannesburg, You’ve found us!  The Poolice | Pool Repair Company is not your average pool company, We lay down the LAW when it comes to Swimming Pool Repairs, Pool Resurfacing and Pool Renovations.


Unlike other companies in the industry that claim to be ‘’Specialists”, The Poolice | Pool Repair Company has a team of service professional partners and associates with expertise in every aspect of swimming pool care, maintenance and repair.


Our partners and associates have all been properly trained, and have written exams before being allowed to work for us. In the event your pool requires equipment or structural repair, our certified and professional team will handle each project from start to finish.


Our team of service professionals who have an on average 15 years building and repairing pools experience, and are equipped with the skills and tools needed to take care of any of your pool needs.

Affordable Swimming Pool Repairs

We specialize in renovating old or deteriorated concrete and fibreglass swimming pools, as well as, repairing all forms of structural problems, repairs and replacement of all types of swimming pool equipment.


Our experience, professionalism and competitive rates mean we are the preferred choice for pool owners throughout Gauteng.


  • Need Your Pool Fixed Today?
  • Is Your Pool Looking Old and Tired?
  • Does Your Pool Have a Leak?
  • Pump or Filter Giving You Trouble?

The Poolice | Pool Repair Company can Help You! With our experienced staff there’s no pool that can’t be fixed and at a reasonable price, there’s no better option for Your pool repair. So don’t delay, Call 061 506 8721  or complete our Rapid Response Form to Book a FREE Quotation!

Pool Inspections

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If you’re looking at Buying or Selling a home with a swimming pool, you should consider hiring The Poolice | Pool Inspection Service. We are well trained at uncovering any issues with an existing swimming pool. Our completed inspection report will tell you exactly what the condition of the swimming pool is, including any future problems detected.

A few of our Services

  • Swimming Pool Resurfacing
  • Crack Repair
  • Leak Detection & Repair
  • New Pool Construction
  • Pool Remodeling & Size Reduction
  • Additional Steps Added
  • Acid Washes
  • Equipment Installations
  • Inspection Reports

How a Swimming Pool Works

This is how a swimming pool works

Poolice Academy

How to backwash and rinse your swimming pool

Backwashing and rinsing is an essential part of keeping your swimming pool sparkling clean. Do you know how to backwash and rinse your pool? Backwashing and rinsing of your pool’s filtration system should be performed once a week – but can be done more, or less, frequently depending on various factors. Here’s how to backwash.

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Multiport Valve Explained

The selector options on MPV (Multi-port valve) of a swimming pool’s sand filter   The multiport valve is the main flow control valve on a swimming pool sand filter, the most used filtration system in South Africa. The MPV has 6 settings to direct the flow of water from the swimming pool through the pump and filter..

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Why Change Your Pool Filter Sand?

The pool pump pulls dirty water to the filter, where it passes through the sand, where contaminants get trapped. The clean water flows back into the pool. How exactly does the sand hold onto the icky stuff, while allowing the cleaned water to pass through? Though it’s much too small to see with the naked.
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What Customers Say

Such a pleasure to deal with an honest professional. We have battled with the complex pool for months. Brandon has been great. Sorted out the problem quickly and gave much needed honest advice. I would definitely recommend him.

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